Afghanistan war veteran reacts to Kabul chaos

NOW: Afghanistan war veteran reacts to Kabul chaos

MISHAWAKA, Ind.-- Chaos and terror is evolving in Afghanistan. The Taliban claiming control over the capital of Kabul, which is striking fear and sadness in many, including veteran Tyler Bowers.

“It’s kind of Vietnamization All over again. Gradually withdrawing the troops and hoping for a peaceful transition which isn’t the case here,” Afghanistan war veteran Tyler Bowers said.

Bowers spent a year in Afghanistan for the U.S Army, finding and destroying roadside bombs, laid out to kill American troops.

“Personally, I was wounded, my driver and gunner were killed, my interpreter was wounded along with me so I take it very personally,” Bowers said. “Our unit in Indiana lost the most in Indiana's history that year.”

Since April, around 2,500 American troops have been killed in Afghanistan. Bowers fears that number will hike, when it could be avoided.

“I’m very upset with how things were handled,” Bowers said. “We should be learning from our mistakes and we are actually repeating the same thing so it’s unfortunate and could’ve been avoided defiantly with a little bit more time and more effort and planning.”

He worries after 20 years of trying to save the Afghan people, the U.S withdrawal could lead to many losing their lives.

“You know from foreign aid to military operations there's defiantly a potential for an escalation in trying to remove personnel at least, not to mention regaining some control back over the situation,” Bowers said.

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