After 135 years Howe Military Academy announced it is closing, community responds

NOW: After 135 years Howe Military Academy announced it is closing, community responds

HOWE, Ind.--- On Monday Howe Military Academy announced to the community that it will be closing its doors for the 2019 to 2020 school year.

In a letter sent out, the military academy said it’s closing due to financial struggles as a result of rising costs and a decline in enrollment for more than a decade.

The school expressed its deep sadness that this is happening to the community.

ABC57 went out to speak with people in the area to see how this is impacting them.

“It really cuts everybody here in town, you know with the families not coming into town,” said Laurie Skaggs, with Will’s Heating and Air company.  

Skaggs went on to say the town needs more businesses to help it thrive.

“Our town needs businesses,” said Skaggs. It needs something to bring life back to it.”

Right around the corner a man told me he used to see kids from the military academy walking up his street, to what once was a store. Now he said he barely sees any students or their families.

A restaurant owner in the area said she has seen a decline in business since not as many students and their parents come through anymore

There was some talk that Trine University might be interested in buying the 100-acre Howe campus, but a spokesperson told ABC57 they are not interested.

A parent of a Howe Military Academy student, Kristen Thomas, said she’s extremely sad and frustrated since she and her daughter moved just so she can attend the military academy.

But Thomas added that school officials have creative ideas brewing to try and save the school. She said they are looking to raise about $5 million or more.

Howe military officials declined to comment today, but they are holding a press conference in the schools administrative building Wednesday. 

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