AG Curtis Hill files appeal to prevent South Bend abortion clinic from opening

A US District Court judge denied Attorney General Curtis Hill's motion to prevent the Whole Woman's Health Alliance from opening an abortion clinic in South Bend on Friday. Hill filed an appeal with the US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit on Monday.

Hill wants the appeals process to be complete before the clinic can open.

On May 31, a federal judge approved Whole Woman's Health Alliance's injunction that would allow it to operate a medication only abortion clinic in South Bend without a license.

The judge found other physicians are allowed to use the same medications to treat miscarriages, but are not required to have a special license to do so.

The state argued not licensing the clinic would prevent the state from monitoring the clinic or ensuring it complied with laws and regulations.

We spoke with Sharon Lau, the South Bend Advocacy Director for Whole Woman's Health Alliance, about when they plan to open the clinic.

She said they will open as soon as possible but have not set a date.

Read Attorney General Hill's latest motion

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