Agency collecting water for residents with frozen pipes

KNOX, Ind. -- Many residents in Knox are without running water because of frozen water lines. A local group is collecting water to give to the people who have been without water for two weeks.

At the Health Linc Center in Knox, Angie Garner is collecting water bottles to help families in town with no running water.

"We saw a need in the community and the Health Linc staff here decided to rally together and it's just a small way to help people," said Garner.

Residents are on day 16 without water. The donations of water will go a long way for residents

"I couldn't even take my shower to go to the doctor. My granddaughter, I can't even wash her little butt when she has a dirty diaper. Cooking her breakfast in the morning just boiling her an egg, you can't even do it. It's impossible," said resident Pat Clemons.

Clemons is one of the lucky ones in the neighborhood. Her water has been going on and off for the past two weeks. 

But right next door at her daughter-in-law's house, they are surviving on bottled water.

"Here is her gallon jugs that are empty that she is going to have to refill, and what they are using now to was their hair and their face is the bottled waters," said Clemons.

Knox Water Superintendent Todd Gardner says the pipes are not going to be thawed out anytime soon.

"Once it freezes underground there is not a lot that you can do for it, you just got to wait for nature to take its course and thaw it back out," said Gardner.

Until then, Garner hopes their collection of water will make a big difference.

"We really hope the community will rally together to help people who need it. We take water for granted and we want to make sure to try to help people," said Garner.

You can take sealed bottled water to this Health Linc location in Knox. As soon as they have enough collected they will distribute to the families in need.

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