Air Quality Action Day issued for Wednesday

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has called for an Air Quality Action Day on Wednesday.

It was issued because high ozone levels are expected for St. Joseph, Elkhart, and LaPorte Counties.

Ozone is a gas made naturally in the stratosphere. It can be good or bad for your health depending on where it is in the atmosphere.

The ozone that is bad is the ground-level type. It is made when sunlight and hot weather cook vehicle exhaust, factory emissions, and gasoline vapors. Ozone that is found in the upper atomosphere blocks out ultraviolet rays; however, ozone near the ground can become an irritant and cause lung and breathing problems.

Hoosiers can help with ozone levels by altering daily habits. This could mean walking, biking, or using public transportation instead of driving.

For people sensitive to air quality changes, it is best to reduce exertion or avoid being outdoors altogether.

Children, elderly, and those with heart and lung conditions have a higher chance of being impacted by the high ozone levels.

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