All-school prom organized for high school students

NOW: All-school prom organized for high school students


EDWARDSBURG, Mich.-- Prom night is a night that many high school students look forward to during the school year, a night filled with music, dancing and fun with your classmates, was taken away for many due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I was like really upset because like, it was supposed to be the one last thing for my friends and I to do before we all went off to college, and just have fun for the last time,” Edwardsburg High School graduate Lexi Swihart said.

Those students now getting another shot at experiencing a night that they never got a chance to have.

Oh My LLC and DPM events teamed up to make it all possible and organized an all school “night under the stars” outdoor prom.

“We tried to make a prom for them and at least give them an opportunity before a lot of the seniors went off to college so that they had at least one last hoorah, safely so that they can, they can make up for that a little bit,” Oh My LLC Owner Mica Yonker said.

Organizers said that putting on this outdoor prom for these students is the least they could do.

“You’re looking at a bunch of students who did get a chance to say goodbye to each other, they didn’t have the opportunity, in some cases to even have a graduation, and tonight could be and will be a wonderful I’ll say send off again for them,” DPM events Owner Randy Hendicxson said.

Some students, felt grateful and excited to have the opportunity to dress up and have a good time!

“I am like really grateful that someone would like put this on because like, I didn’t think we’d actually get anything atall,” Swihart said.

To give these students a special night, organizers said, is what it’s all about.

“I want to see these kids smile and having fun, that is the whole reason we came out tonight and did all of this, is to give these kids an opportunity to get out of the house, because they’ve been cooped up for months, get out, Shake it off, and you know be able to do a little bit with their friends safely,” Yonker said.

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