Alleged car chase ends in a car crashing into a local flower shop

NOW: Alleged car chase ends in a car crashing into a local flower shop


ELKHART, Ind -- A local floral shop is temporarily out of business after an 18 year old allegedly running from the police crashes into the front of the shop.

An 18 year old is now behind bars after what took place here at West View Florist just before four this morning, leaving behind plenty of damage for owners to clean.

West View Florist has been sitting on Cassopolis street in Elkhart for close to a century but today thanks to a guy crashing right through the front of the business as he was allegedly running from the cops, that nearly 100 years in business was put in jeopardy.

"I grew up here and it’s like having my home attacked. You know it’s just hard," said Co-owner of West View Florist Julie Wheeler.

"The building has been hit before with cars because it was so close to the road so I figured somebody had broken a window or busted it out a piece of the wood or something. So, when I got down here needless to say it was a little more damage than that," said Co-owner of West View Florist Judy Richter.

Coming into what they call a home and seeing windows completely gone, inventory damaged, and glass across the floor, they were forced to close down and turn off the electricity.

"What’s been so nice though is all of our employees have come down to help us. The neighbors have come over offered all their help and right now we don’t know what we need help with until things kind of settle down, said Richter.

Even in the unfortunate scenario, co-owners Julie and Judy are glad that nobody was injured in the accident, including the driver, 18 year old Maki Chandler, who’s since been arrested for resisting law enforcement.

Instead, these business owners are facing reality and pushing forward.

"Unfortunately, we see people in their hardest times a lot of times but we also see them in their happiest times so we’re used to keeping going with the community," said Wheeler.

Because of the great community that has helped keep the doors open for nearly 100 years, the owners made sure they fulfilled orders and gave back to those who may need something to brighten their day.

"We did have an order that had to be delivered today we got it out he door this morning first thing," said Wheeler.

"Took a lot to the nursing homes. We’ve given some away to people, the fire department we gave boxes of flowers to," said Richter.

The owners hope to be open in some capacity by Mother's Day.

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