Alleged con man wanted in two states may be in Warsaw

WARSAW, Ind. -- Police are on the lookout for a man who is accused of conning people across the country, including people in Michiana. Chris Clapp is wanted in Montana and Ohio and now a Warsaw woman is claiming he stole from her.

Brooke Bays says she's known Chris Clapp for 5 years so when he needed a place to stay, she rented him a room.

She says he even helped clean out her gutters.

A week later, she noticed her credit cards were gone and money was taken from her account.

She says he tried to pull money from her accounts a second time.

"It’s making me sick and our group of friends here in town that know him and everyone that knows him,” said Bays.

Clapp has three outstanding warrants in Richland County, Ohio.

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