Alleged police impersonator identified

The man who allegedly impersonated a police officer after pulling over a driver has been identified, according to the Cass County Sheriff's Office.

A tip from a resident led deputies to a residence on Born Street in Jones, Michigan.

In the driveway, the deputy saw a vehicle matching the description given by the vehicle including the multiple antennas, stickers and the word rescue on the bug screen, deputies said.

The owner of the vehicle, a 53-year-old male, said he did use his flashing lights on h is SUV in an attempt to stop the victim. He said he has the flashing lights and antennas because he is a weather spotter and volunteers with the Red Cross.

The man told deputies the victim passed him at a high rate of speed and cut him off when she pulled back into his lane. He said he attempted to get her to stop so he could identify her, reports said.

The driver said he told her if he were a police officer she would be going to jail, reports said.

Deputies say the victim reported the man told her he was a police officer and if he was not responding to another call he would be taking her to jail, reports said.

The victim said the man left when she told him she had called 911.

The Cass County Sheriff's Office is forwarding the investigative report to the Cass County Prosecutor's Office for review.

The suspect's name is being withheld since no charges have been filed.

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