Allergic to mowing? Trimming the grass could make allergies worse

Spring has sprung across Michiana, with clear evidence all around on tree branches and in flower beds.

However, allergy season is also ramping up across the area at the same time.

Pollen counts are expected to remain high for the next few days, with the weekend looking like a "sneeze-fest" for some. Tree pollen is the main culprit, with maple, poplar, and birch the most common allergens. 

Another factor that will have many reaching for tissues this weekend has to do with the "green-up" and the growth of your lawn.

Many across Michiana are firing up the lawnmower for the first time this year. The first few grass trims can be especially brutal on allergy sufferers, but maybe not for the reason you think. Some think that the grass pollen from lawn clippings exacerbate allergies, but this usually isn't the case this early in the season. 

However, lawnmowers can stir up tree pollen that has fallen on your grass. Your mower can also send mold spores and dust from the offseason into the air as well.

If you are like certain meteorologists that wrote this article and you still need to mow your lawn, the weather should be fairly cooperative into this weekend. Breezy weather with a stray rain shower would be the possible deterrents on Thursday.  

Hopefully your seasonal allergies (and grass) are manageable, Michiana!

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