Aloft Hotels opens in South Bend, hoping to help revitalize city

NOW: Aloft Hotels opens in South Bend, hoping to help revitalize city

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The tallest building in downtown South Bend is finally back in use. 

After years of standing empty, the former Chase Tower, now Liberty Tower, is up and running again.

But this time, it's under a new name: Aloft Hotels. 

South Bend's own skyscraper stands out in the skyline. 

After undergoing two years worth of an outside and inside makeover, the doors are finally open.

"There's a lot of blood, sweat, and tears with this building." says Becky Fletcher, the Director of Sales and Marketing. "They've been working very diligently to completely empty the space, make all of those structural repairs, and make sure everything is good and sound."

There are nine floors of guest rooms and 187 total rooms.

A meeting space and indoor pool is on the sixth floor, and will be completed later this year. 

Each and every one of the guest rooms come with a view of the city.

"I think that's the most spectacular thing we have to offer in this hotel, is the views from every single guest room," explains Fletcher. 

But the biggest draw is the lobby, complete with a bar, pool table, kitchen, and seating space.

"The heart and soul of the hotel is the lobby," says Fletcher.

The lobby is open to the public, to encourage people to come together and enjoy what South Bend has to offer.

It's more than just a hotel.

It's the hope that with it, comes progress.

"I think the downstairs part alone is going to bring more people downtown. We've seen foot traffic grow and grow," she adds. 

Eventually, there will be apartment units above the guest rooms, allowing people to live in the building and downtown, all year long. 

"It's outstanding to be apart of the revitalization of downtown," explains Fletcher. "I'm born and raised here, and just to see it transform in the last three to five years...I think the sky's the limit." 

The hotel is keeping prices comparable to their competitors.  

Rates range from $139-$189 per night. 

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