Alzheimer's Association hosts walk

NOW: Alzheimer’s Association hosts walk

MISHAWAKA, Ind -- The Indiana Alzheimer's Association hosts their annual walk at Central Park in Mishawaka to raise money for awareness and finding a cure.

"To get the word out about what dementia is and what Alzheimer’s is. People don’t understand what it is, they think it’s just you forget. You don’t realize that it’s a terminal disease," said the Alzheirmer's Association walk manager Abby Geha.

According to the Alzheimer's Association, there are over 111,000 Hoosiers living with the disease and over 200,000 unpaid caregivers.

One of those caregivers, is a 9 year-old who wanted to raise money for his birthday to put towards the cure that will help his grandfather who has Alzheimer's.

"His mom sent a video in April, saying that Emery Pickard had asked for donations for the Alzheimer’s Association, instead of gifts for ninth his birthday," said  Geha.

His wish came true, receiving donations instead of gifts, at his birthday party.

"Hi everybody that went to my birthday party. Thank you because we have raised 665 dollars to find a cure for my grandpa," said 9 year old Emery Pickard.

Emery inspiring others around him to not only walk for a great cause but to donate even more money to the association.

"His reading teacher heard the story and she wrote him a check for 100 dollars and then he told me his grandpa is paying him two-dollars per goal that he scores and that’s all going to Alzheimer’s. So, if a nine-year-old can help us find a cure, everybody can," said Geha.

Emery has scored six goal so far, donating an additional $12, helping the Alzheimer's Association inch closer to their goal of $42,500.

If you want to donate to the Alzheimer's Association and help them reach that goal, there is still time.

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