AM General military plant potentially up for grabs

NOW: AM General military plant potentially up for grabs

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- AM General's military plant is reportedly up for grabs. Reuter's released Tuesday morning that the military vehicle plant could be be sold.

AM General has been a staple employer in  for years. The company, nor any of the potential buyers, have responded to calls made by ABC57 to confirm the news. 

"[It's] most likely a positive. Most likely a new owner is going to come in here and invest in it and employ new folks," says Jeff Rea. "We just don't know who or what yet and that leaves uncertainty."

Uncertainty, but not troubling.

That's the basic message that Rea,with the South Bend Chamber of Commerce, wants to let people.

The potential sale of AM General could be a sign that South Bend will grow.

"Businesses are consistently looking to invest, especially in ventures they think can be profitable," he explains. "I'd like to think if I was an auto manufacturer and I was thinking about building a new vehicle or needing a factory or something. Here's good one."

A good place for some good investments.

Just last week, the company announced a new massive contract they signed, that could mean more than $51 million to build new vehicles for the U.S. military.

"It's like what they tell you with your home right now. Now's a good time to put it on the market. Maybe you don't want to sell it, but the fact is there's not much inventory out there, so it makes it a good time," Rea adds. 

Rea says, some of the potential buyers show some significant promise too.  

"Oshkosh, for example, who is going to produce the next generation hummer. They're going to produce the new Bravo 1, which is the new military vehicle which will replace the hummer," he says. "If Oshkosh buys this asset, maybe we have a piece of the new Bravo 1."

But for now, it's just a waiting game.

"My crystal ball isn't clear enough to know that but all things point to it being a really good thing," adds Rea. "Considering the potentials suitors who could come in here and make some investment and add to stability long term."

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