AM General's assemby plant is in production again after two years

Mishawaka, IN. -  100 new jobs and 70 old ones are back in Mishawaka now that AM General is once again producing vehicles at its commercial assembly plant.

Workers are making the "first mobility vehicle", or M-V-1. AM General is making the first and only factory-built vehicle to meet the guidelines for the Americans with Asabilities act


Production on the new handicap-acessible vehicle started this week. AM General Director of Public relations Celeste Ross says, "It accomodates a wheelchair, a passenger and five other passengers, with a jump seat option. So, it's a fairly large vehicle."


"Whats significant about it is that it has a wide opening on the side, with a very large door and a ramp that actually slides into the vehicle," says Ross.


 M-V-1 is the first ever vehicle to be built from the ground up with these options. Most cars are retro-fitted after market to accomodate those with disabilities, Which can be very costly.


But what's even more importantly for our area is that the plant is in operation again. "This is significant for us. This is the first full-scale production vehicle to be assembled in our technologically savvy plant sense the Hummer H2 ceased production for GM back in 2009."


AM General says the M-V-1 not only offers a new option for people with disabilities, it's even green.


"There are different models. There is a natural gas model and a gasoline fuel version."


The new compressed natural gas option or CNG is 40 percent cheaper than gas and it cuts harmful, Ozone emissions by about 80 percent.


The M-V-1 costs a little over $41,000 but AM General says buying a vehicle that already meets ADA standards is priceless.



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