Amish Acres prepares for a busy Easter Sunday


Easter in Nappanee means business will be “hoppin” at Amish Acres!

"Tomorrow is one of our busiest days, we love Easter on the property cause there's a whole lot of stuff going on,” said Jeremy Littlejohn, Director of Guest Operations.

That includes an Easter egg hunt and a brunch buffet.

While those Easter eggs may magically appear over night, Littlejohn says the food prep doesn’t come as easy.

"We’ve been prepping for this for two or three weeks. We always sell a lot of pies, a lot of breads, we make our own cookies. Two people in the bakery all week baking everything,” said Littlejohn.

The Easter brunch is slated to bring in the around 1200 guests, but Littlejohn says theres still room for more.

“It’s kind of on a first come first serve basis but we don’t turn anybody away so there may be a little bit of a wait in the line but you’ll get in and you’ll get served,” said Littlejohn.

Brunch is 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the Easter egg hunt starts at 1 p.m. But Littlejohn says you may find yourself sticking around Amish Acres long after your last bite of shoofly pie.

“It’s a very exciting time on the farm because we've been closed for a couple of months and its just kind of celebrating spring and its getting back into the grove of things,” said Littlejohn.

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