Amtrak train derailment in New Buffalo continues to be cleared

BERRIEN COUNTY, Mich - Wolverine train 355 was traveling from Pontiac, Michigan to Chicago when it hit a vehicle and a tow truck that were blocking the tracks near New Buffalo.

The impact caused the train to derail, but it stayed upright without fully leaving the tracks.

We're told the train's engineer, and 10 passengers were treated at the scene, but they are expected to be ok.

The remaining 200-some passengers were taken to a temporary shelter at New Buffalo High School but have since been picked up to continue to Chicago.

One passenger, Evan Messinger, was traveling home for the holidays.

He shared video with me showing his view from inside the train car after the derailment.

“And all a sudden we were shaking, and our train was almost completely sideways and so we tried getting off, like I tried calling my dad instantly to try to figure out what was happening and at that time we saw policemen and firefighters come and I'm like, something major happened, so I'm glad everyone is okay, and no one seriously injured," said Messinger.

Thankfully, no one was in the truck stalled on the tracks.

Lakeside road, between U.S. 12 and Kruger Road will be closed for several days as the cleanup continues.

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