Elkhart neighborhood on edge after gunshots hit home

NOW: Elkhart neighborhood on edge after gunshots hit home


ELKHART, Ind - Elkhart Police are on the hunt for three suspects after multiple shots were fired near the area of 11th Street and West Wolf Avenue Saturday night. 

No one was injured but a home was damaged.

While enjoying breakfast with her family, Brenda Carter, the owner of the home hit by gun shots says she heard a loud noise

“I heard a pop and it sounded like something slid off the dresser so I went to look and I look around and I saw powder everywhere and I'm like well where's this powder coming from” Carter said

Carter says she noticed there were bullet holes in the wall and she proceeded to make sure everyone was safe.

When carter came back upstairs she went into her bedroom where she saw more bullet holes

“Had we left about three to five minutes before it would've been in one of my children” Carter said.

The Elkhart Police department said this is still an ongoing investigation

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