An RV vacation: Miami style

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Although some people who are attending the BCS national championship game are already in Miami, some still have the 20 hour drive ahead of them.

One set of students rented an RV to drive to Miami.

Twenty hours of highway stretch between campus and the ultimate party for these Notre Dame students, but they didn't bring along their law books for entertainment.

"We have card games, we have music, we have talking, we have great companionship. It's going to be a good time," said Henry Ciocca, Notre Dame law student.

They admit seven people squished inside an RV for all those hours could spark a few issues.

"Bathroom breaks- that's gonna come into play- and people fighting because of driving," said Charles Vargo, Notre Dame law student. "The whole sleeping thing, I don't think a lot of sleep is going to be had on this RV if you know us rowdy kids."

Duffle bags of Irish apparel take up most of the space. A championship-winning wardrobe is a necessity. 

"The best is yet to come," said Vargo. "A lot of cut-offs, a lot of man-tanks, but this is just I wanted to channel the Miami flavor."

The captain coordinated the entire trip and is driving the first six-hour leg. He booked the RV two hours before the student lottery results came out.

"The lottery results came out early and it turned out that half the people who already planned on going in the RV ended up getting tickets so it worked out very well," said Ryan McNish, Notre Dame law student.

And if it doesn't work out well for the players on the field, the students say there's always next year.

"I think just making it to the national championship is huge for Notre Dame," said Jane Kwak, Notre Dame law student. "I know everyone will be bummed obviously, but if not this year next year, but we're hoping for the best."

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