Annual March for Life, 'Stuff a semi' donation drive helping local mothers and babies

NOW: Annual March for Life, ’Stuff a semi’ donation drive helping local mothers and babies

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Fifty years after the initial decision of Roe v. Wade, supporters on both sides of the argument are still making their voices heard.

In June, Roe v. Wade was overturned, which also overturned the constitutional right to abortion.

In places like Wisconsin, the national pro-choice community held “Marches for Women” this week, and Michiana’s pro-life community joined the movement of marching for life across the country Friday.

“We’re still marching forward, we’re still here on the front lines doing everything we can,” says Natalie Shields, the Outreach Manager for Right to Life Michiana.

It’s an annual march to rally together and support the pro-life argument.

“You know we march, it’s still solemn, but it’s a celebration of one step forward,” says Shields.

For some, it’s something they’ve been supporting since the decision of Roe v. Wade five decades ago.

“We had no idea that that picketing was the beginning of a really big, long, long story,” says Joanne Connaughton, who’s been on the pro-life sidelines for decades.

Local catholic schools came out in numbers to show their support.

“I’m so glad all the young people are here,” says Connaughton. “They’re the future of our organization and it’s wonderful and hopeful to see them.”

“I feel like that’s becoming a little bit more lost in our society today, but to see these young kids out here, and knowing what they’re here for,” Shields says.

This year’s march comes with a new twist, a twist that will support mothers and babies in the South Bend community. They ‘stuffed a semi’ with donations that will benefit new mothers and babies that need some support.

“We are going to be donating all of this product to local pregnancy resource centers because we really feel like it’s important to, not only take a stand for life today by marching, but to also show tangible support that we really do care about the moms and the babies, after the babies are born,” says Shields.

They say it shows that being pro-life is more than just standing up for the unborn, but helping to ensure the lives that are already born are getting the resources they need.

If you want to donate to the cause, for the local mothers and babies, you can drop off donations at the Right to Life Michiana office, or at any Knights of Columbus location. 

Right to Life Michiana Website

Local Knights of Columbus location

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