Anonymous person donates stimulus money to Mishawaka businesses

NOW: Anonymous person donates stimulus money to Mishawaka businesses

MISHAWAKA, Ind.--- An anonymous person donated their $1200 stimulus check to several Mishawaka businesses. The person sent a letter and money orders to those business late last week.

Kate Sergeant owns the Diner on 12th in Mishawaka. Her restaurant was included in the anonymous donation. 

"Opened it up and started to cry," said Sergeant. "This was a ray of hope that told me that my customers care, and they want to do everything they can to help us."

Sergeant says her restaurant had been hit hard by the stay at home order in Indiana and she contemplated closing down for good.Sergeant said she tried applying for a Payroll Protection Plan loan, but the program ran out of money before her application was completed.

"It’s just difficult," said Sergeant "We’re working with a staff of three which has been cut down from about 6."

Sergeant says this donation, although small, was a breath of fresh air for her.

"I just can’t even thank this person enough," said Sergeant. "It just means so much."

Sergeant says she plans on paying this donation forward by donating food to first responders and hospitals. 

"I’m a fighter and this person gave me the boxing gloves to do that.," said Sergeant. "We’re in this together and this shows me we’re in this together."

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