Another great year for LOGAN's run

Notre Dame, IN – It was another successful year for LOGANS run on the campus of Notre Dame.

It was the 8th year that the run took place for LOGAN.

LOGAN is a non-profit organization in the city of South Bend. The organization is committed to supporting people with disabilities in achieving their desired quality of life.

Nearly 200 competitive runners showed up for the run Saturday morning.

It is the only community running even that takes place each year completely on the campus of ND.

The first place winner in the men’s 10k finishes in 33 minutes 1 second.

The first place winner in the women’s 10k finished in 41 minutes 42 seconds.

The winners of the LOGAN’s run ugliest sneakers contest have been announced here is a list of the winners:

Chris Hall, vintage  

Ally Carter, most loved

Barbie Pickut, ugliest

Cindy Zook, funkiest


For more information about what LOGAN stands for click here.


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