Another round of snow alongside bitter cold

NOW: Another round of snow alongside bitter cold

Temperatures continue dropping overnight. It will be breezy tonight with gusts over 35 mph. Any water remaining on roads/sidewalks from today's rain risks freezing overnight. Watch for black ice tonight and early Sunday. Temperatures Sunday will not warm above the mid 20s. Lake effect snow showers are possible both tonight and tomorrow. Over an inch of snow is possible by Sunday night. Up to 3 inches of snow is possible in places of heavier bands. There will still be some lake effect flurries Monday morning. Monday afternoon and Tuesday will be mostly quiet days, with a chance to see some sunshine Tuesday. Temperatures remain in the 20s until the middle of next week.


Tonight: Breezy with lake effect snow showers. Low 12.

Sunday: Lake effect snow showers and cloudy. High 22.
Some early morning flurries, then mostly cloudy. High 26.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 27.

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