Another South Bend home condemned leaves family homeless

NOW: Another South Bend home condemned leaves family homeless

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- Another family is left homeless after their South Bend home was condemned on Monday. However, the landlord of the property filed for eviction just days before code enforcement condemned the property.

“I feel inhumane, I feel unjust,” said the former tenant, who wanted to remain anonymous.

“I’m not one of those landlords who just takes the rent and never fixes anything,” said the landlord, who also wanted to remain anonymous.

The property located on E. Jefferson St. was condemned by the city as unsafe on Monday.

The woman told ABC 57 that she paid rent last Friday—on the same day the landlord filed an eviction notice.

However, the landlord, who took ownership of the property in August, told ABC 57 that the woman never paid September’s rent, which is why he evicted her.

“I asked her about the rent, and she says well… I don’t have any rent for you,” recalled the landlord. “So I said well, you got my letter and it’s clear you need to pay rent. You can’t stay here without paying rent,” continued the landlord.

The woman told ABC 57 that she is current on her rent and felt that the landlord tried to take her money.

“He didn’t give me a valuable point to me about why he filed eviction,” said the former tenant. “And plus you accepted the HUD voucher and payment…a money order to which I have the receipt,” said the former tenant.

The landlord told ABC 57 that he is willing to return the $600 from October’s rent to the woman.

“I told her and the code enforcement lady yesterday, I’ll give her $600 back if she wants to go find another place,” said the landlord.

The former tenant claimed she filed for Section 8 housing vouchers and the landlord is willing to go through with it, but with the condition of the property, there’s no chance it would get approved, according to the landlord.

“She wanted to go Section 8 and I said ‘Well, I’ll go section 8,” said the landlord. “But you know we have to go through the proper paperwork and I have to get that unit ready because I told her they’re not going to pass this unit, this unit wouldn’t pass for anything,” continued the landlord.

The woman told ABC 57 that she does not want to accept October’s rent money back because she said what he did is not right.

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