Ardmore neighbors gear up to continue fight against South Shore Line reroute

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The Ardmore neighborhood remains upset over proposed plans to reroute the South Shore Line around the airport.

It's all a part of a $25 million plan, that would shave 10 minutes off the commute between South Bend and Chicago.

In doing so, 35-40 homes would have to be acquired, and torn down, cutting the Ardmore neighborhood in half. 

Neighbors, and others in the South Bend community have signed a petition fighting the action.

The petition has more than 300 signatures. 

On Monday, Sept 11, a proposed resolution will be heard at the South Bend Common Council meeting.

The resolution states that the money for the project, will be taken out of the River West TIF Fund. 

In order for the resolution, the proposal states that South Bend needs to assure taxpayers that the money would be reimbursed by state or federal funds. 

The proposal adds, that the the homeowners of the homes acquired, would also need to be "financially whole." 

A meeting will be held at the Ardmore-Lasalle Christ Church on Moss Road on Friday.

The 6 p.m. meeting will educate the community about a potential next step in the fight against the reroute. 

Attendants are asked to wear orange to show their support.

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