Armed thief robs pizza delivery driver and family who ordered pizza

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- It seems to be a growing trend, pizza delivery drivers being held up for a few bucks. However, this time the thief was even more brazen.

Police say he pushed his way into an apartment robbing the pizza guy and the woman waiting for the pizza. It happened in broad daylight, around 3:30 p.m. Monday afternoon.

The woman says none of her neighbors came to help when they heard the commotion outside of her apartment.

The Pizza Hut delivery driver was delivering the pizza to an apartment at Western Manor off Western Avenue.

The woman says she opened the door and went to grab money out of her purse, but when she came back the pizza delivery guy was wrestling with another man in her doorway.

The robber pulled out a knife and demanded money. Then the thief ordered the woman to shove the pizza guy's money into his pocket; cash which had scattered across the floor during the struggle.

The thief didn't leave though, he still kept beating the delivery driver. The woman begged him to stop and only got the robber to stop after she handed over the money she planned to use to pay for the pizza.

The robber ran off, but no one saw where he went. The woman gave police a description of the man, but police still do not have a suspect.

Neither the woman nor the pizza delivery driver that was attacked were seriously injured.

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