Arsonist on the loose in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – There is an arsonist on the loose in South Bend and one family is scared for their lives, because they say they are the target.

Police say there were six were attempts on a home on South Swygart Avenue in South Bend on two different weekends.

“At the time it happened, I heard a big boom on the front porch and all of a sudden the whole front porch was on fire,” said Kimberly Miltenberger.

Miltenberger was scared when her house caught fire a few weeks ago.

Luckily her husband was quick to act.

“He had pitchers of water just getting it trying to put out the fire,” said Candace Miltenberger.

The family filed a police report.

“We called the police department and within fifteen minutes they were here,” said Candace Miltenberger.

In the report, they told police they do not know who would want to hurt them.

“I am clueless,” said Miltenberger.

But they did say something strange happened earlier in the day before the fire started.

“There was a guy asking for a guy named Frank and there is no Frank that lives here,” said Kimberly Miltenberger.

However a week later, Candace Miltenberger says it was like deja vu.

“She started saying there is a fire and I came out and looked to the side and the whole side of our house was on fire,” Candace Miltenberger.

The family called the fire department.

“They gave us two smoke detectors,” said Kimberly Miltenberger.

But after the crew left, the arsonist began to wreak havoc again. There were six arson attempts total on the Miltenberger’s home, causing some damage to the house. 

This time, the suspect left evidence behind.

“They found a Hawaiian Punch jug full of gasoline,” said Candace Miltenberger.

Now the Miltenbergers are sleeping with one eye open afraid the arsonist may come back to finish the job.

“I am kind of scared about it, because I do not really know who is doing it or if they are going  to come back,” said Miltenberger.

The family never got a look at the arsonist.  Neighbors were not able to give police a description either.

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