One victim shot, two detained after South Bend shooting

NOW: One victim shot, two detained after South Bend shooting

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — At least one person was shot in the shoulder at LaSalle Park Homes, near the corner of Wellington and Jefferson streets. The shooting was reported around 10:45 Tuesday morning.

Harrison Primary School was placed on lockdown temporarily as police began their investigation.

Two officers were in the area at the time and heard gunshots.

Neighbors are saying enough is enough.

"Just pop, pop, pop, 14 times in a row. It sounded like two different guns," recalls David Janke, who was working just down the street from where the shooting occurred.

"I knew it wasn't fireworks. It just sounded like a gun," adds Roxanne Beltran, a resident of the complex.

It was a rude awakening.

"I was about to walk to the store, and then I heard gunshots. I just freaked out," says Beltran. 

One victim, a 19-year-old male, was shot in the shoulder and taken to Memorial Hospital. 

Two people were detained at the scene.

Officers saw two individuals running eastbound across Falcon after the shots were fired. One was detained nearby, the second person was detained in the 300 block of Iowa.

A third person drove the 19-year-old victim to the hospital. This person was taken to the police department for questioning and released.

"There was blood on the sidewalk. One of the guys ran through the parking lot when he was bleeding," says Janke. "There are casings in the alley where they were shooting from."

No one who ABC57 News spoke with was really surprised. 

Especially Beltran, who has lived there for four years.

"This year? Maybe 3-4 [shootings]," she says. "To me that's normal, because of the area. It's not so good." 

Janke agrees. 

"We've heard shots here before, but it's one or two. You hear 14 in a row, and you're like well, something must be going on," he explains.

All agree something needs to be done, and soon.

"It's way too common. It's the first time in my life I've been subject to things like this," says Janke.

Although Beltran wants to move to a safer neighborhood soon, she says, knowing police will be there quickly, makes her feel safer. 

"When the police are here, I feel safe," she says.

If you have any information in this case, please contact South Bend Police at 574-235-9201.

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