Attack at Mishawaka park sends three dogs into emergency surgery

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – A vicious attack by three Greyhounds at the Prickett Marina Dog Park off Jefferson Boulevard in Mishawaka sent three small dogs into emergency surgery on Tuesday afternoon.

Becky Nickerson was walking her dogs at the park around 3 p.m when a man brought three greyhounds into the dog run.

"One of them had come up to our dogs and had gotten aggressive, growling, snapping and trying to get at him,” described Nickerson.  “We pulled our dog back and they ran away, so after that we decided to leave."

Nickerson had just reached the parking lot when she heard screams coming from the dog park.

"We turned to look and we could see the Greyhound had that little dog in its mouth,” she described.  “It was just shaking it like crazy, like it was a toy."

Nickerson said she immediately ran towards the fight.  One of the Greyhounds was mauling a Yorkie/Katan mix and the other two were attacking two Cairn Terriers.  The owners of all the dogs were struggling to separate the animals.

"Got about halfway there and I could see the lady pretty much playing a tug of war with the Greyhound trying to get her dog away,” explained Nickerson.  “The other couple that was out there, they were beating on it and the guy was trying to get the dog to let go and they were screaming and yelling."

Eventually the dogs were separated.  The owner of the Yorkie received a bite wound to the hand.  The owners of the dogs who were attacked immediately rushed the animals to local pet hospitals where they underwent surgery.  According to the police report the Yorkie had several broken ribs and both Cairn Terriers received severe cuts.  All of the injured dogs may not survive.

"The littlest one you could tell it was limp, I mean it just wasn't moving,” Nickerson described.  “I couldn't even tell if it was dead or alive."

The Mishawaka Police Department has identified the owner of the Greyhounds but did not release his name to ABC57.  They have forwarded the investigation into the attack to the St. Joseph County Humane Society.

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