AUDIO: 911 call from woman allegedly carjacked by escaped killer

This an excerpt of the 30 minute 911 call made by the woman who was allegedly carjacked and abducted by escaped killer Michael Elliot.

Dispatcher: Okay, yep you're at the Marathon gas station.

Caller: Yes.

Dispatcher: He's wearing black pants, he's outside of an '04 red jeep. Cheryl, does he have long hair? Short hair?

Caller: Short hair.

Dispatcher: Short hair, okay. Is he white? Black?

Caller: White.

Dispatcher: He's white? Okay. Does he have a hat or anything on? Glasses? Facial hair?

Caller: Facial hair.

Dispatcher: He does have facial hair, like a full beard? Or?

Caller: I haven't really looked, and I've got to be going back...

Dispatcher: No, no. You just stay there. I have my shift partner on the phone with Middlebury dispatch. You stay there. Do not go outside, okay?

Caller: Facial hair.

Dispatcher: That's a beard, or like a mustache, or what?

Caller: I think a mustache, I don't know. I didn't look...

Dispatcher: Okay, you need to stay in the bathroom. Okay? Do not leave the bathroom.

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