Aunt of deadly shooting victim speaks out

NOW: Aunt of deadly shooting victim speaks out


SOUTH BEND, Ind. - The aunt of one of Wednesday night’s shooting victims speaks out 24 hours after his death.

“I don’t really know what happened. I just know my nephew is dead. I don’t know the circumstances. I just know my nephew’s dead,” said Da’Mon Bethel’s aunt, Renae Adams.

Her 29-year-old nephew Da'Mon Bethel died from gunshot wounds late Wednesday night on the 2100 block of Fredrickson Street.

“On behalf of my brother and Da’Mon’s mother Marsha, just I’m so sorry. Your kids are supposed to bury you, not you bury your kids. My nephew’s got a baby on the way. He’s got another child that’s just going to be without a parent,” said Adams.

She says Bethel leaves behind a little girl as well.

As Adams thinks about her own daughter, who's the same age as Da'Mon, she has a word of warning for other young people.

“Death is final. You know there’s another family that has to deal with the loss of their family member. I got to go see my nephew in the cemetery. I have to go say my goodbyes to my nephew who can’t get up and walk away with me, and ya’ll got to take that into consideration, and take into consideration the people you’re living behind when you’re out here living fast and hard,” said Da’Mon’s aunt.

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