Austin bar is dedicated to everything Notre Dame

AUSTIN, Texas -

BD Riley's, in the heart of Austin, is a Notre Dame bar in Longhorn country.

"It's confusing really. You want to support both," said Jeff Stringer, the General Manager of BD Riley's. "My dad was originally from South Bend, Indiana."

The Sixth Street Irish pub makes no mystery about who they are pulling for Sunday.

"You walk down the street and every other bar is catering to UT fans but they see a Notre Dame flag out front, a Notre Dame rug on the ground, signed photo of Rocket Ishmael. They feel at home," Stringer said.

A big game day crowd won't be new territory.

"We have a capacity of about 160 and by that point we are turning people away," Stringer said. "Soon as kickoff happens here, you're going to feel like you're at the game I think."

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