Back-to-school safety reminders

Michigan students are back in school as of Tuesday morning. Local law enforcement want to remind drivers of school traffic safety. 

Officers will be patrolling school zones according to Berrien County Sheriff's Department Captain Robert Boyce.

“Our deputies are going to concentrate on areas around the schools around the bus stops to make sure that the citizens remember that they have to stop for the school buses while they’re loading and unloading,” said Boyce.

The speed limit is 25 miles an hour and the speed limit extends 1,000 feet in both directions.

Officers will be on the lookout for anyone speeding or not following traffic signs. 

“They have been advised of the times that the schools begin and the times that the schools depart so we can be in those areas and make sure that the children are safely brought to and from school,” Boyce added.

When school buses are stopped and have the red stop sign activated, it means that everyone must stop in both directions while children load and unload.

Drivers need to watch out for younger children who may run across the road and forget to look both ways before crossing.

"We just want to remind the citizens to be extra cautious," he said.

The fines for speeding can be expensive as well.

“It’s a misdemeanor traffic offense and the fines are quite steep. That’s a hefty fine that will be coming out of their pockets, points on their driver’s license and an increase in their insurance," Boyce said.

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