Back to School: tips to save on textbooks

As school starts back up in Michiana, the cost of textbooks is rising by 9 percent. That's according to research from Indiana State University. 

The National Association of College Stores estimates the average amount of money college students will shell out for books is $655 dollars. 

There are some ways you can cut down on that. One of the best ways is to buy used. Those prices are significantly less than buying new. 

You could also opt for an older edition of the book you need. That can save you money as well, and you aren't likely to miss much information, even though you will want to check to make sure everything you need is included. 

You can also share textbooks. Get a small group of 2 or 3 people. Split the cost and rotate the book around as needed. 

Remember that prices can also depend on your major.

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