Baguette de France closes after vehicle drives into building

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. -- The Baguette de France restaurant in Berrien Springs closed Tuesday after a car drove into their building, causing significant damage.

The sandwich shop is located at 9187 Old US 31 in Berrien Springs.

After the shop closed for the night, a car crashed through the building, destroying the restaurant's kitchen. 

Customers expressed sadness and shock as they came to the restaurant today and saw the damage. 

“I called my wife, she’s at work today, and she had a little slow time and I said ‘meet me at the Baguette in Berrien Spring for lunch’ and she goes ‘absolutely,’ so she’s on her way right now, she hasn’t got quite here yet, when she does, we’ll have to make other arrangements,” said Ron Colvin, a frequent customer. 

“It was one of our favorite sandwich spots; we’re disappointed that this happened," he said. 

The owners say they will be closed until further notice.

A staff member was inside cleaning at the time of the incident but thankfully, was unharmed. 

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