Balloon release held for the “Smith Six”

NOW: Balloon release held for the “Smith Six”

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Dozens of members of the South Bend community gathered Sunday to honor the six lives lost in the house fire that took place on LaPorte Avenue one week ago.

A balloon release was held outside the former Smith family home as speakers expressed their thoughts and prayers for the lives lost.

The vigil worked to honor the children who passed away, the firefighters who fought valiantly to save those trapped inside and to help release the tension felt within the South Bend community following Sunday’s fire.

Lynn Coleman, who spoke at the event, expressed how the balloon release was a moving and necessary moment for neighbors.

“It’s hard to describe. It’s just a sense of release, relief, to try and relieve the burden, the pain of what this has caused for the community.” said Coleman.

The next step for residents is working to promote fire prevention methods in the area. Interfaith Christian Union is leading the charge locally by donating 1,000 fire extinguishers to 1,000 different homes.

These extinguishers will be sent out through the various networks of churches under the ICU umbrella.

Representatives of the Smith family ask that supporters keep an eye on social media for more updates on possible ways to support.

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