Band raises safety concerns at local bar after lighting instruments on fire during a show

NOW: Band raises safety concerns at local bar after lighting instruments on fire during a show

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A fiery scene inside McCormick's, a bar located downtown South Bend on Michigan Street. Members of the band Daikaiju can be seen lighting their equipment on fire, wielding flaming guitars and holding them high, up-close to the ceiling, spilling out into the street.

And the city had no idea that this was going on, as no permits had been requested.

This is no strange thing for the band; pictures from Daikaiju's Facebook account show them performing with such a pyrotechnic display, but doing this indoors has raised safety concerns. 

The South Bend Fire Department, after seeing the video, has said the act is unsafe and against fire code, and have said it could lead to disaster, like the Station Nightclub fire that occurred in Rhode Island in 2003.

Councilman Henry Davis Jr. who represents the district where McCormick's is located issued a statement:

“Safety is always first in our city and as a representative of the local government, it is abundantly clear that we need to maintain proper order in city neighborhoods and public venues. Residents have repeatedly asked for better oversight in our neighborhoods, and the last thing we need, is the same behavior in downtown venues. I am calling for a swift and earnest investigation that will bring about lasting change for our residents and visitors.”

Employees of McCormick's have dismissed the claims that the show was unsafe, saying the band has performed at the venue several times over the years and has never caused any issues. 

South Bend Fire Chief Gerard Ellis has stated that the department will speak to McCormick's to prevent something like this from happening again. 

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