Bars boom for the week beginning with big Duke match-up

It was Final Four atmosphere at Purcell Pavilion when the Duke Blue Devils visited the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Businesses in the area said people were flowing in since early in the afternoon on Wednesday.

They said it is definitely a good problem to have, so many people filling the restaurant that they are busy running food out, and filling glasses.

They are thinking of it as a warm up for Sunday's Super Bowl game.

While most cars filed into the parking lot at Notre Dame, some folks just skipped the lines and filed into the bar.

“It's a big deal!” said Main Street Pub manager, Kateland Langlais.

A big deal indeed, with the number four Duke Blue Devils visiting the number eight Fighting Irish.

“Tonight's game is way busier in here!” said Langlais.

Langlais said the bar was as full as the stadium.

Fans have been ready to cheer on their Irish all evening.

“Business has been absolutely crazy in here, I walk in the door at 5 o'clock, every table at the bar is full, every table in the dining room is full. We're pumping food out of the kitchen. Bar business is awesome!” said Langlais.

While at least one team played like a champion tonight, this is just the beginning of a very busy bar weekend.

The two teams playing this Sunday in the Super Bowl forty-nine.

“Usually, we get a lot of business in here. In the evening, especially, for the game. Halftime, gets a little bit busier, another second wave comes in,” said Langlais.

She said the burgers, beers and baskets are just a warm-up for the next several days to come!

No matter how busy they get she says the environment is contagious.

“Having a good time, having fun while we're working!” said Langlais.
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