Battell Rock Garden vandalized, local greenhouse helps

NOW: Battell Rock Garden vandalized, local greenhouse helps

The Battell Rock Garden has been vandalized. Over 250 flowers were pulled out of the garden and many flowers were trampled.

On Mishawaka Parks and Rec’s Facebook post, there were over 300 comments and was shared more than 1,000 times.

Most of the comments throughout the whole post had the similar message. Michiana families are devastated and confused on why someone would do something like this.

Comments reading, “This is so sad, “that is absolutely terrible” and “total disrespect” were posted minutes after each other.

On June 1st just after 3 p.m. the Mishawaka Parks and Rec informed the public, through a Facebook post, the Battell Rock Garden had been vandalized; multiple flowers had been either removed or damaged.

Martin’s Greenhouse in South Bend is now getting involved and is going to refill the flower bank with 480 begonias. Anyone interested in planting the flowers can meet the staff at the Rock Garden at 9 a.m. on Monday June 5th.

The people or person responsible is still unknown. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the park’s office.

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