BCS Championship: Celebrate responsibly

MIAMI -- It's finally here, the BCS National Championship game is just hours away and many of us are planning to go to a watch party to share this rare event with friends and family. Police are taking that into account.

"We know that this is a big game for the South Bend community and for the Notre Dame family. We do plan on doing some proactive steps,” said Division Chief Gary Horvath South Bend Police Department.

Additional officers are assigned to the midnight shift as well as a contingent of dui officers who will be looking specifically for impaired drivers.

"If by some chance you think that you may need a taxi, call a taxi,” said Horvath.

That's what bartenders at The Linebacker will be doing.

"We want you to drink responsibly. If need be we will call you a cab and get you a safe ride home,” said Paula Walsh, bartender at The Linebacker.

The Linebacker bar is taking additional steps to ensure a safe viewing environment for all their patrons.

"We have extra bartenders on hand, we have an extra cook on hand. We have bouncers at the door; so you must be 21 to enter our bar with a legal ID,” said Walsh.

With the Indiana State Excise Police making it well known they will be in the neighborhood; the staff is treating Monday night as if there was just another home game.

"We don't want no (sic) issues with minors. I don't think any bar in the area does either,” said Walsh.

As for post game celebrations in the streets of South Bend, the police aren't expecting any fans to get out of hand.

"Notre Dame is a very respectful student body. They have certain morals, norms that they adhere to. We just don't see anything at all like what you would see in some of the other college towns,” said Horvath.

The state excise police will be in town looking for underage and irresponsible drinking, so celebrate wisely.

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