Beach season over... for most

SAINT JOSEPH- Stevensville native Fred Vansalu isn't like many of the other sailors who dock their boats at West Basin Marina in Saint Joseph. "A lot of boats pull out after labor day," says Vanslau.

Vanslau is no tourist. His thirty-six-footer stays in the water this time of year. "We got another month and a half of sailing to go," he says. "We try to stretch it out as long as we can."

In fact, Wednesday afternoon he's scrubbing the boat down to take it out again.

Vanslau isn't the only one cleaning up on the coast. Tynae Fields, an employee at Shu's on Silver Beach, is scrubbing, but for the last time this summer. "It's the end of the season we will be departing, we probably have a day or two more and we'll be out of here," says Fields.

Shu's is a concession stand on the beach and it's closing down. There's no left to serve.

You can't blame people for not showing up. It's after Labor Day, schools are back in session and waves are topping out at 6-feet this week. The water temperature is the kicker; it's colder than 50 degrees.

There is at least one person enjoying the beach today. His name is Louis Krawczyk and this is the best time of season for his sport. "After labor day beaches are open," says Krawczyk. "The beaches are clear so you can walk anywhere you want."

Krawczyk is a treasure hunter. He's using his metal detector to search for what summer left behind.

Fields is also leaving something behind this season. She's cleaning up Shu's stand for the last time.

"This gave me a great opportunity to enjoy summer and meet lots of great people," she says. Next summer it won't be open at all. Owners decided they're closing after 13 seasons on the Silver Beach.

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