Beachgoers finding ways to have fun despite rip currents, windy conditions

Michigan City, IN -- John Hanson and his wife wouldn't dare swim in waters as rough as they are today. But a walk along the pier makes for a great view.

"Watching them hit, the sound, it's just a lot of fun," Hanson said.

He was one of several beachgoers who came to Washington Park in Michigan City on Saturday.

Despite the less than ideal conditions, he and others said they still have to find ways to enjoy the summer.

"I mean, it's nice to have these days once in awhile, but it sucks it's like the last week of summer," Madeline McEnely, another beachgoer, said.

People were out flying kites, building sandcastles, and even doing some wind surfing. But when the waves are this rough, lifeguards like Ryan Byers have to pay extra attention.

"Today is still a match for yesterday, also one of the worst conditions I've seen for rip currents ever," Byers said.

He and other lifeguards use days like this to train. The idea being - if you can swim in the roughest of waters, rescuing people when the waves are calmer will be easier.

"It's good to put ourselves into those situations," Byers said. "Just because then we're able to figure out how to get out of them in a real-life situation.

These are the types of waters we rescue people in, he said.

Ann Webb and her husband used today to take their daughter to see waves for the very first time. They didn't do any swimming though, just enough to get their feet wet.

"We have to travel at least an hour to find anything interesting to do," Webb said.

Proving that it is possible to balance awareness of rip currents with having fun.


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