Behind the screens: How ND keeps the hype trending

Behind the screens: How ND keeps the hype trending

One team at Notre Dame is prepping you for gam day hype days in advance and it’s happening all behind the screens.

“When Notre Dame scores, we have something ready for content,” said Aaron Horvath, Digital Platform Manager for Notre Dame.

“Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat. We try to make it hit as broad of an audience as possible,” said Horvath.

Every second counts during a Notre Dame football game.

“There’s a lot of preparation that goes into 140 characters sometimes,” said Horvath.

And it’s not just the players who have to focus on the play.

“Whenever there’s a great moment, we can back it up with great content,” said Horvath

Horvath and his team of social media gurus prep constantly days in advance for all the game day hype.

“Making sure that you have an understanding of each of the things that could happen during the game,” said Horvath.

And we’re not talking just a few pre-planned Tweets or Facebook posts.

“When we have a great touchdown catch by Equanimeous, whatever it may be, we probably have three to four different pieces of content for just one play potentially. So there’s probably a good 75% of the content at least that we create on game days is never seen,” said Horvath.

Horvath says his team feeds off your thousands and thousands of tweets; what’s trending, hashtags, fan locations.

“Now with increased WiFi and increased cell reception to the stadium, we see more engagement and increased engagement from fans within the stadium which we really liked this past weekend,” said Horvath.

And that, in the end, you are the one bringing the hype to game day.

“If they like it, let us know, if they don’t like it, let us know. I mean the whole goal is to make sure that we are providing a great service to our fan base. Making sure people have the best game day experience possible on game day,” said Horvath.

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