Benton Harbor Area Schools holds special meeting to hire

NOW: Benton Harbor Area Schools holds special meeting to hire

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. – Benton Harbor Area Schools held a special Superintendent meeting Friday afternoon. 

The meeting was set to address the vacant seat on the school board. 

Benton Harbor Area Schools CEO/Superintendent Dr. Robert Herrera interviewed two candidates eventually selecting Michelle Crowder, a former Benton Harbor Area Schools teacher. 

“I taught for 35 years here at Benton Harbor 25 years as a reading specialist, coach and a consultant and a writing consultant then 10 years of third grade and second grade here in Benton Harbor,” Crowder said.

According to Herrera, Crowder’s experience will help steer the district on the right path to overcome their financial and academic struggles. 

The district will return to local control on July 1st and Crowder will handle how the district handles the transition to local control.

Dr. Robert Herrera also addressed safety in the district including his recent decision to close schools the same day as a shooting in Benton Harbor.

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