Benton Harbor Area Schools trustees stepping down amid leadership changes

BENTON HARBOR, Mich – More changes are coming to the Benton Harbor School Board.

Amid the reorganization of Benton Harbor Schools four School Board trustees are choosing to leave their positions.

The four trustees leaving their positions include Marletta Seats, Joseph Taylor, Martha Momany, and Margaret Gast.

The change comes a few weeks after Dr. Robert Herrera took over as the new CEO and Superintendent of the Benton Harbor Area Schools

Benton Harbor Area Schools entered into a new partnership agreement with the state of Michigan that gives the new Superintendent and the state almost full control, leaving the School Board with less power.

“I’m hoping that it’ll be a big change and and I think it will be a big change and they’ll get back on track like we’re supposed to be” Ronald Landon of Benton Harbor said.

According to Berrien County records three candidates filed to be on the School board before the deadline on Tuesday; Patricia Rush, Matthew Bradley, and Lue Buchana.

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