Benton Harbor Bengals get a surprise for opening day

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- Opening day for Benton Harbor Youth Baseball offered a bit of a surprise. 

Bright orange Benton Harbor Bengals uniforms were donated to the teams. 
Tammy Pressler, has been raising money for the uniforms for about a month. 
She saw our story about how the league had no money for uniforms this summer, and got a slew of donations. 
The kids says the best part about the surprise is having their names and numbers on them.
"Because it represents me," said Rayonte Bell, who got a uniform.
"Its cool it's got my number on it…" said Holmes-Wells.
Benton Harbor Youth Baseball is still waiting on City Commissioners to decide if they'll spend a Whirlpool donation to fun the league.

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