Benton Harbor Commissioners vote to ban flavored tobacco sales

NOW: Benton Harbor Commissioners vote to ban flavored tobacco sales

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. - The City of Benton Harbor calls on the State of Michigan to outlaw flavored tobacco--voting unanimously to end flavored tobacco product sales in the state of Michigan. 

According to the resolution, 80 percent of adolescents ages 12-17 are enticed by tobacco because of the flavor and packaging. 

Benton Harbor Mayor, Marcus Muhammad, says tobacco usage should be addressed to the youth in order to prevent having to worry about those issues in adulthood. 

"What we're attacking and what we're looking at is when you couch and when you cover the tobacco and candy wrappers, where young people are purchasing tobacco products, but wrapped in a candy package. That's the problem," he said. 

The city commission states the sale of flavored tobacco and menthol products disproportionately impacts African Americans, urging state representatives and the state senator to address it on a state level. 

The commission is also asking the state to repeal a section of the Tobacco Products Tax Act to allow local governments to make their own regulations on tobacco. 

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