Benton Harbor community fed up with violence

NOW: Benton Harbor community fed up with violence


BENTON HARBOR, Mich – After recent shootings including a double murder in February, and three shootings last week Benton Harbor is coming together to send a message, stop the killing.

“Tonight we want to have a display of peace, of unity, and as a collective working together so we can develop some solutions and ideas to stave off the violence” Benton Harbor Mayor Marcus Muhammad said.

The event was called “Stop the Killing, Start the healing: a City of Benton Harbor Family Affair” and it saw approximately two hundred people from Benton Harbor come together to create solutions to stop the recent uptick in violence.

A picture of 18-year-old Kinley and 20-year-old Santiano Poole who were murdered in Benton Harbor was among the many displays of the casualties of violence in the community.

Benton Harbor resident Steve Meridy said he’s an example for the younger generation that there is a positive path.

“I’m from the projects, I was born and raised in the city, seen the violence, I was a part of it. I’m one of the few that made it out so I’m here to show that you can be young and make it out” Meridy said.

City officials said there will be more events like Thursday’s at the Dwight P. Mitchell City Center park and other areas in Benton Harbor in the future.

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