Benton Harbor high football receives five figure Tiger Fund for college tours

The roar has been restored at Benton Harbor high school. And now the team is getting the ultimate reward with more than $10,000 raised to fund college field trips. 

Donations came from all around the country to show young football players the avenues to their futures.

The Tiger Fund will send the entire team on three field trips to division 1 schools, meeting with academic advisors, student athletes and coaches. A full team effort of generous community donations, university support, 

"It feels really good," said George Kirkland, a senior guard for the Tigers. "It really touched my heart that people care so much about us."

It started as a $500 idea in Dale Stover's backyard. As media attention grew, so did the Tiger Fund.  

 In just 8 weeks the the final sum came to more than $10,000. All that money to help show the Tigers a future beyond football. 

"I'm just glad they give us this experience," said guard Daryl Gill. "Donating all that money so the whole team can go out. Enjoy the experience and feels what college is like."

Their mentor and football coach Elliot Uzelac says it's more salient than any score. 

"This is really a total culture change," said Uzelac. "It's not just football. Their whole lives are changing right in front of them."

From a small community and an entire nation, one large declaration. That this team and their lives matter.

"I think it gave them a feeling that they do count," said Uzelac. "That they are important and hopefully they can take this with them and go on in life and be more successful."

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