Benton Harbor library making cuts to stay afloat

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. -- The Benton Harbor Public Library is struggling to stay open because it is thousands of dollars in debt. They have already made major cuts, but the director says more cuts are on the way.

The library's director says in order to keep the library open he had to borrow $79,000 from the savings account, but it's a one time quick fix. It's not something the library can continue to do long-term.

"The library is very helpful for everyone, especially for our children and our teenagers, they come and they do their homework," said library patron Alba Lamourt.

From books to computer and internet access, the Benton Harbor Public Library provides a wealth of resources in this community.

"Especially the internet. I mean basically everybody comes here for the internet," said library patron Deaires Hadley.

"Some people like to apply for jobs online and some people can't afford computers," said Lamourt.

The library board of trustees says keeping the library in the black is difficult.

As of July 1st, the library stopped paying health care coverage for all full-time employees as a way to save money.

Additional cuts are coming, but the specifics haven't been decided.

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