Benton Harbor officials aim to balance the budget

NOW: Benton Harbor officials aim to balance the budget

BENTON HARBOR, Mich – The Benton Harbor budget and the current millage rate was the main topic discussed at the most recent public hearing.

The new property assessment resulted in homes being valued lower than they previously were, which led to less money flowing into the city.

With the city having a budget shortfall it is facing the possibility of having to cut programs if they can’t close the budget gap.

An upcoming vote on renewing the current millage rate will help the city’s financial outlook.

The current millage rate is 9.65, if it is not renewed it would be lower, which means less money would be flowing in to the city as the result of that as well as the lower property values.

Despite multiple financial issues coming up in the near future Benton Harbor’s City Manager Darwin Watson said the city will pull through

“I anticipate that we will come out balanced this year. I don’t know what the future holds as it relates to the taxable value, that is to be done this year, so we will see the taxable value for next year because I believe at this point we’ve reached the point where we’ve reached the floor and I believe that the property values will start to rebound beginning next year” Darwin Watson said.  

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